Social Media Hiatus

Social Media Hiatus

I’m officially not on any social media platform. I’ve renounced Snapchat, Facebook and much more recently my beloved Instagram. There are friends who are bummed about this and I honestly view that as validation for taking this Social Media hiatus.

Aside from the fact that so much of my precious time gets wasted on scrolling down the screen of my phone on the Instagram and Facebook app, I realized that Social Media was diminishing the quality of my relationships. I was posting on Instagram story which satisfied the curiosity of my followers and keep my friends up to speed on my life, but are they really up to speed? We started even interacting through Instagram story and catching up in the same fashion and neglecting the face to face interactions. There are fewer “I miss you”, let’s make time to sit together and hang out. This is a wide generalization yet it holds a certain truth. My main reason for taking this hiatus is that I needed time and space to focus and center myself in what I truly want to pursuit in my life. Social media is quite distracting and comes with so many different messages, from the well meaning fitness advice to memes to make you laugh. The other side of this is how vulnerable and exposed social media leaves you if you have the tendency of sharing personal and honest stories. There are always mixed responses though I must admit that in my case it is often positive.

My goal is to be more active in participation in the “live” feed of my life, gathering my friends around me and filtering out relationships that no longer hold their place. I do not have a time limit on how long this break will be but I hope to write more to document my life as I was doing posting pictures on Instagram.


All the little miracles

All the little miracles

I found my bank card that I lost on Saturday which was a huge relief because that was my travel card. Running on four hours of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed and went to the airport. When the woman came back with my card, all blue and shine, I was in heaven. I twirled, I danced and I felt blessed and merry. Between losing my card  and leaving my bag in the tram, everyone was starting to think I was an airhead but life happens, what can I say. After that, I went to exchange my dollars for Euros, something that I don’t enjoy doing much here because I feel more or less cheated but so far, the place gave me the most! 88.60 Euros for 100 dollars. We went to eat at the Cameroonian restaurant and I had poisson frit avec attieke which I hadn’t had in years. It was delicious but the service was interesting to say the least. After that we went to la foire du livre (book fair). It was a big three days fair and Monday was the last day and we arrived half an hour before closing. A woman insisted on selling me a novel that in her words is one of the most amazing she even sold and she was sure I would like it. This might have been a marketing strategy but the way she insisted on selling me the book made me buy it and also it was her last one and she wanted to wrap up the fair by selling it. After the fair, we went home and we went to dinner with our host, my lovely friend of ten years and counting. We went to a local restaurant and had typical Belgian food and some cocktails. I had boule de liege et frite avec la sauce de biere which was simple yet delicious. As we were eating and talking and laughing, having a great time, we noticed dessert at another table she prompted our gluttonous eyes into wanting dessert too. My friend recommended that we go to this old fashion Belgian restaurant that has some of the best waffles et grand dame around town. We went and it was delicious and we were giddy and happy. It was a lovely evening to wrap up a day of tiny miracles.The food in Belgium has been delicious whether it is waffle on the street, carbonade in a nice restaurant or African food at port de namur. I am excited for what tomorrow will bring!

Coconut Popsicle

Coconut Popsicle

My belly is empty and my heart is full.

There still sadness from when he let go of me.

My hands never quite fit in his, yet his soul fit mine.

The other boy crossed the street today as I sat in my car,

wearing a blue shirt running to catch the train.

We didn’t choose this life, it chose us.

There are babies but these ones are not ours,

it’s not our time and when is it, it will happen.

The virgin in us still there, inexperienced.

Our mothers did not teach us how to love ourselves,

they only showed us how to love everyone else.

We are constantly backing ourselves against odds,

clenching our fists in the hopes that we win.

The growth pain that we experience bond us together,

in the kind of sisterhood that’s everlasting.

That conception was a rebirth for you,

there is more light entering your soul,

and if you let it, it will illuminate your heart.



Love has a way of taking all that you were sure of and crushing all your half-truths one by one until you find yourself naked with nothing to lie about anymore.

Love has a way of making miles seem so short that you think you can travel the world by foot so you sell all your belongs and buy the best pair of sneakers to do so. It has that kind of effect.

Love has no scruples so it teaches you things that you never wanted to learn such as compromise and forgiveness. Love will make you face yourself for it.

 Love is so nonchalant in the way it destroys your fears and up your hopes that you forget how dangerous it could be to let loose. Love is so calm and composed.

Love is so beautiful when two souls embrace one another in the spirit of bliss and acceptance. Love is the essence of everything real and spiritual.

Love is so soft and delightful that you eat it in big bites with open mouth and you forget that you can choke. It makes you so thirsty that you crawl for water and see mirages.

Love is so indecent in the way that it makes you open your legs under dimmed lights, in the way it takes your body in pleasurable convulsions. Love winks at you through dirty glasses.

Hail to my body!

Hail to my body!

The body is the beginning and the end of living. It is the main part of life for each individual; without the body we don’t exist in the physical world. We completely die when the body breaks down and can no longer carry our soul. This is an undeniable fact and we all somehow know it but we don’t think about it enough. Do you trust your body? Do you treat your body the way you should treat the main thing that makes you human and alive?

I lost the connection to my body somewhere between packing up pounds in my prepubescent body and puberty. I started to doubt my body and with each pound gained and each comment about my weight, I started to detach myself from my body. I became ashamed of it. I didn’t look at it anymore, I mean really look at it in acknowledgement. I let my body go and started doing anything I could do to lose weight barely at the age of fourteen. I couldn’t carry the breasts that were dropped on my late bloomer self and no one helped me deal with it. It was only bound get worse when my gym instructor thought he was the appropriate person to give me advice on how I need to strap my breasts and how I can’t do sports with all that. At that point, I was far gone from my body. My body became a stranger that I didn’t trust. I couldn’t trust it.

I love food. I really love it; the smell, the taste, the texture of a well cooked meal is everything of a heaven to me. I wish my body understood my love of food and worked with me instead of making me pack up pounds at every bite I take. I mean, is it a crime to love the goodness and holiness of food? No, it is not and it shouldn’t be but my body did not understand. These were the things I thought about when I thought about my body. While I was going through this mental and physical struggle, my poor body was just helplessly looking at me, hoping that I will see that we were both fine and that we just needed to work with one another. At one point I discovered weight loss pills and told myself that this is all I needed, yes! I took those pills, lost a few pounds then of course gained them back. The pills were giving me acute anxiety and thoughts of suicide while I took them on and off. I was destroying my body and my mind. At 20 years old, I decided to stop the pills because I didn’t want to continue that kind of self-harm behavior. Even after that, I was still far from trusting my body. After an emotional breakdown and eating my sorrows away as if food alone could save me, I actually crossed over to obese. I was finally fat physically as I thought I was mentally. I was officially obese and I looked overweight. The clothes couldn’t hide it anymore and the BMI was not trying to take it easy on me either, it lay the O word flat-out for me. At that point, I felt powerless. I wasn’t even in the mindset of trying to lose weight anymore, I just wanted to be fine. I looked at my body and surrendered. I was ready to come home where I belong and my body was happy because it was waiting for me. A good amount of the pounds melted away after that as I began to feel better mentally. I was no longer attempting to lower my weight. I was merely hoping it will never go back the way it was in those dark months. Then somewhere my senior year, the pills became tempting again and that was the last bottle. I only took it once or twice and I knew from there that I was done for good. I kept the bottle filled with the pills to remind me that I closed that door for good.

I started to make amends with my body. I acknowledged it and I talked to it. I accepted it as my partner for life, we were no longer strangers. I became happier with my weight and my eating habits improved and my weight went down on its own. It was a work in progress. I was glad that my weight was fairly in the average range but I wanted to get in shape and be fit. After a mammogram confirmed a lump in my breast, I became fixated on optimal health. I knew from there on that optimal health is something within my reach if I work with my body along with determination and persistence. I was afraid and filled with doubts as I’ve been for years. I didn’t know where to start so naturally I started with nutrition. I love food and I love cooking. I can cook healthy delectable meals for myself, that is easy enough. It sure was and it was also expensive but nothing is more expensive than my life. The hardest part was portion control. I love food and I pay tribute to food by eating it in large amounts. I did well my first month and I lost ten pounds. Things were looking good then I started to gain the weight back. I was stressed by my life, eating in large quantities but not exercising enough. I took off my weight loss board and quit right there and then.

A few weeks later, as faith would have it, I went to Strand in New York City with a friend. There were books outside for a dollar each and it was freezing in NYC on that December evening. It was hard to resist books at a dollar so we stopped to look through the stacks. The first book I touched was all I need and right away, I was intrigued and mesmerized by the title. The book is called “From Bagels to Buddha” by Judy Hollis, a woman who is a pioneer of Eating Disorders treatment in America. The universe at work! After reading the book, all I could think about was self-trust and spiritual awareness. My spiritual awareness was set in motion when I did my year of service in the episcopal church and having moved back home after the program ended, I was trying to keep it up.

I waited until January to go to the public library and get books to seek spiritual knowledge that are rooted in self-trust and communion with the divine grace within us. I took books on Buddhism because I wanted to explore more what that practice has to offer then grabbed a random book about meditation as a healing tool. Needless to say that the random book shifted me on the inside as Judy Hollis’ book did and the title of that book is “Meditations to heal your life” by Louise Hay. I was officially introduced to positive affirmation as a form of meditation and I knew from there on that I was ready. I signed up for the gym and set up a plan to achieve optimal health. I do want to look great and slim down but more than anything I want strength and optimal health. I said nothing is going to stop me, not even myself.

I have learned over time that the body is mightier and more powerful than we think. I have seen people do amazing things with their body because they believe that it is truly strong and unstoppable. As long as you are in communion with your body, you can get it to work with and for you more than ever before. I am still learning and strengthening this communion and honestly yoga and meditation have been great helpers. I wish for us all to trust our body and be in communion with it.
Peace to you!



The moment.

We are here.

We are laughing.

Hands are touching.

We are sharing stories.

Food is cooking.

We are eating.


We kissed.

The moment.

It’s gone forever.

There is no backward motion.

It’s all illusion.

There is perhaps only a forward motion.

And a forward motion in the wrong direction.

There is definitely no backward motion.

One minute we are alive.

The next, she died.

Beds left untouched.

A life that no longer exists.

The moment.

It vanished into an abyss.

There is only love.

Let’s share it everyday.

Care as deeply as we can.

Step back when we’ve been compromised.

Sit still and express appreciation for life.


We love.

We live.

We die.