Social Media Hiatus

Social Media Hiatus

I’m officially not on any social media platform. I’ve renounced Snapchat, Facebook and much more recently my beloved Instagram. There are friends who are bummed about this and I honestly view that as validation for taking this Social Media hiatus.

Aside from the fact that so much of my precious time gets wasted on scrolling down the screen of my phone on the Instagram and Facebook app, I realized that Social Media was diminishing the quality of my relationships. I was posting on Instagram story which satisfied the curiosity of my followers and keep my friends up to speed on my life, but are they really up to speed? We started even interacting through Instagram story and catching up in the same fashion and neglecting the face to face interactions. There are fewer “I miss you”, let’s make time to sit together and hang out. This is a wide generalization yet it holds a certain truth. My main reason for taking this hiatus is that I needed time and space to focus and center myself in what I truly want to pursuit in my life. Social media is quite distracting and comes with so many different messages, from the well meaning fitness advice to memes to make you laugh. The other side of this is how vulnerable and exposed social media leaves you if you have the tendency of sharing personal and honest stories. There are always mixed responses though I must admit that in my case it is often positive.

My goal is to be more active in participation in the “live” feed of my life, gathering my friends around me and filtering out relationships that no longer hold their place. I do not have a time limit on how long this break will be but I hope to write more to document my life as I was doing posting pictures on Instagram.


Sunflower diaries

Sunflower diaries

I turned twenty-five years old two weeks ago. It feels like a big milestone. I remember been younger and fantasizing about getting older and being accomplished by twenty-five. I had a difference sense of what being accomplished would be back then and it was more centered around material things and what society expected of me. The age fifteen was a milestone for me and fast forward ten years later, it is amazing how much I have learned and how much I’ve grown as a human being. It took me about eight years since I turned fifteen years old to understand that my destiny is my own hands and that I am the one with directions to my path. It took many self-help books, heartbreak and guides and mentors to finally master that understanding and it felt amazing to be in that space of personal power when I turned twenty-five years old.

Ps: Below is a picture of me ringing my birthday at midnight in my pink robe with homemade cupcakes and wine from my amazing friend and the rest were taken in Maine on my birthday.


Living life in the present tense

“All guilt and regret simply serve as ways to avoid being here in the only moment you have, which is now.” Louise Hay

I have to often remind myself that this is where I am and this is where I should put all my energy. This is the space in which I get to make positive choices that make me happy and simultaneously create a future that will eventually become my present.

“I’m at my strongest when I’m able to let go, when I suspend my beliefs as well as disbeliefs, and leave myself open to all possibilities. That also seems to be when I’m able to experience the most internal clarity and synchronicities.” Anita Moorjani

I have found that when I am calm and centered, I don’t feel the need to acquire anything and I get this sense that the things I desire are coming to me. Then I get sucked back into the frenzy of life and start overthinking and analyzing every piece of my life as if I didn’t know better. I know better. Life has always brought me the right people, the right jobs, the right places to live and the best outcomes possible in each situation to benefit the bigger frame of my life. I know this.

“To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.Christian Larson

My aim is to live from to place where I am confident and secure enough in my place on this earth to be serene and happy in my actions. I want to own my own love and always know that the universe is for me and with me and that ultimately I am the love I desire.

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection.” Brene Brown

It is important to be honest with myself for who I am and to be honest with the people that I truly love and care about. There is no need to hide and hold back in front of the people that we love. Love is a magical energy that flows ever so naturally and when we honor it, it keeps growing into constant pleasure and happiness.

Recapitulation for dinner/The year of learning

Recapitulation for dinner/The year of learning

  1. Loving myself and treating myself like my favorite person was the best thing this year.
  2. Practicing the art of gratitude has opened my eyes to my own light and the light of others around me.
  3. Realizing that the world that does not owe me a thing has saved me from so much disappointment this year.
  4. Taking a chance on love and loving was a blissful experience and a learning process.
  5. Stop holding other people to my own standards has brought a fresh perspective on friendship.
  6. Accepting my flaws and working on being my best self has been amazing.
  7. Keeping a weekly blog of the eleven months I spent in Jersey is such a proud and precious accomplishment.
  8. Learning to eat healthy and improving my health is a continuous learning process and I am glad I started.
  9. Letting go of sadness, grief, and other heavy things that I was carrying around made me a much happier and more genuine person.
  10. Cheers to all the strangers who became friends and who in this process taught me a little more about the world and myself.