I am eating a croissant in Sospel.

I’m writing a short story.

I just finished my first gelato in Rome.

I am writing the third chapter of my novel.

I’m sitting by a fountain in Brussels.

I just finished a beautiful poem.

I am singing in the streets of London.

I’m taking pictures at Acropolis.

I am dipping my toes in the blue sea.

I wrote all day today.

I’m dancing by the Eiffel tower.

I wrote a haiku in the train.

I love Amsterdam.

I am in the tenth chapter of my novel.

I took my niece to a park outside of Paris.

I’m writing a haiku about a fresh baguette.

I spent hours at St. Peter’s basilica.

I wrote a poem for my sisters and my mother.

I had a lovely picnic in Vondelpark.

I am on the fifteenth chapter of my novel.

The museum of London is so fascinating.

I’m writing a small poem for myself.

I am laying on the grass at Bois de la Cambre.

I just submitted my novel to my publisher.

Coconut Popsicle

Coconut Popsicle

My belly is empty and my heart is full.

There still sadness from when he let go of me.

My hands never quite fit in his, yet his soul fit mine.

The other boy crossed the street today as I sat in my car,

wearing a blue shirt running to catch the train.

We didn’t choose this life, it chose us.

There are babies but these ones are not ours,

it’s not our time and when is it, it will happen.

The virgin in us still there, inexperienced.

Our mothers did not teach us how to love ourselves,

they only showed us how to love everyone else.

We are constantly backing ourselves against odds,

clenching our fists in the hopes that we win.

The growth pain that we experience bond us together,

in the kind of sisterhood that’s everlasting.

That conception was a rebirth for you,

there is more light entering your soul,

and if you let it, it will illuminate your heart.

Sunflower diaries

Sunflower diaries

I turned twenty-five years old two weeks ago. It feels like a big milestone. I remember been younger and fantasizing about getting older and being accomplished by twenty-five. I had a difference sense of what being accomplished would be back then and it was more centered around material things and what society expected of me. The age fifteen was a milestone for me and fast forward ten years later, it is amazing how much I have learned and how much I’ve grown as a human being. It took me about eight years since I turned fifteen years old to understand that my destiny is my own hands and that I am the one with directions to my path. It took many self-help books, heartbreak and guides and mentors to finally master that understanding and it felt amazing to be in that space of personal power when I turned twenty-five years old.

Ps: Below is a picture of me ringing my birthday at midnight in my pink robe with homemade cupcakes and wine from my amazing friend and the rest were taken in Maine on my birthday.



Love has a way of taking all that you were sure of and crushing all your half-truths one by one until you find yourself naked with nothing to lie about anymore.

Love has a way of making miles seem so short that you think you can travel the world by foot so you sell all your belongs and buy the best pair of sneakers to do so. It has that kind of effect.

Love has no scruples so it teaches you things that you never wanted to learn such as compromise and forgiveness. Love will make you face yourself for it.

 Love is so nonchalant in the way it destroys your fears and up your hopes that you forget how dangerous it could be to let loose. Love is so calm and composed.

Love is so beautiful when two souls embrace one another in the spirit of bliss and acceptance. Love is the essence of everything real and spiritual.

Love is so soft and delightful that you eat it in big bites with open mouth and you forget that you can choke. It makes you so thirsty that you crawl for water and see mirages.

Love is so indecent in the way that it makes you open your legs under dimmed lights, in the way it takes your body in pleasurable convulsions. Love winks at you through dirty glasses.

Pardon with a side of blueberries

Pardon with a side of blueberries

We gazed into each other’s soul,

yet we couldn’t stay together.

You didn’t even give me proper closure,

Just words that you were still hiding behind.

We were both afraid of the fire we ignited.

Forgiveness is all I have left so I swallowed it,

in the name of love and in the name of our personal efforts.

I forgive myself and I forgive you.

We are forgiven.

How to love your life: Another note to myself

How to love your life: Another note to myself

You start with your words,

then move to your actions and attitude.

Never try to please others in spite of yourself,

it will never be enough for them or you.

You will never satisfy your desires if you limit yourself.

Be open to all the possibilities and create opportunities for yourself.

A dream is a beginning.

It need not be grandiose, but must be

what you truly desire in order for you to fulfill it.

You must work with it and for it.

No matter, it’s important to be committed.

You must have faith and stay consistent.

You must have genuine friends and treat them with value,

and always share your appreciation of them.

Prepare yourself though to only give what you have;

there is only a certain level of care you can give without draining yourself.

Beyond this, it’s advisable to explore your world,

and do the things that make you happy;

Take a cooking class, discover a new country, hike a mountain.

Remember, finally, the simple pleasures mount to the best moments,

the best days and a wonderful life.

Never go looking for contentment,

It is right at your fingertips.

In moments of distress, make a cup of tea,

breathe and remember that you are destined for happiness.


This poem was inspired by Stephen Dunn’s How to be Happy: Another Memo to Myself.