Social Media Hiatus

Social Media Hiatus

I’m officially not on any social media platform. I’ve renounced Snapchat, Facebook and much more recently my beloved Instagram. There are friends who are bummed about this and I honestly view that as validation for taking this Social Media hiatus.

Aside from the fact that so much of my precious time gets wasted on scrolling down the screen of my phone on the Instagram and Facebook app, I realized that Social Media was diminishing the quality of my relationships. I was posting on Instagram story which satisfied the curiosity of my followers and keep my friends up to speed on my life, but are they really up to speed? We started even interacting through Instagram story and catching up in the same fashion and neglecting the face to face interactions. There are fewer “I miss you”, let’s make time to sit together and hang out. This is a wide generalization yet it holds a certain truth. My main reason for taking this hiatus is that I needed time and space to focus and center myself in what I truly want to pursuit in my life. Social media is quite distracting and comes with so many different messages, from the well meaning fitness advice to memes to make you laugh. The other side of this is how vulnerable and exposed social media leaves you if you have the tendency of sharing personal and honest stories. There are always mixed responses though I must admit that in my case it is often positive.

My goal is to be more active in participation in the “live” feed of my life, gathering my friends around me and filtering out relationships that no longer hold their place. I do not have a time limit on how long this break will be but I hope to write more to document my life as I was doing posting pictures on Instagram.



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