All the little miracles

All the little miracles

I found my bank card that I lost on Saturday which was a huge relief because that was my travel card. Running on four hours of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed and went to the airport. When the woman came back with my card, all blue and shine, I was in heaven. I twirled, I danced and I felt blessed and merry. Between losing my card  and leaving my bag in the tram, everyone was starting to think I was an airhead but life happens, what can I say. After that, I went to exchange my dollars for Euros, something that I don’t enjoy doing much here because I feel more or less cheated but so far, the place gave me the most! 88.60 Euros for 100 dollars. We went to eat at the Cameroonian restaurant and I had poisson frit avec attieke which I hadn’t had in years. It was delicious but the service was interesting to say the least. After that we went to la foire du livre (book fair). It was a big three days fair and Monday was the last day and we arrived half an hour before closing. A woman insisted on selling me a novel that in her words is one of the most amazing she even sold and she was sure I would like it. This might have been a marketing strategy but the way she insisted on selling me the book made me buy it and also it was her last one and she wanted to wrap up the fair by selling it. After the fair, we went home and we went to dinner with our host, my lovely friend of ten years and counting. We went to a local restaurant and had typical Belgian food and some cocktails. I had boule de liege et frite avec la sauce de biere which was simple yet delicious. As we were eating and talking and laughing, having a great time, we noticed dessert at another table she prompted our gluttonous eyes into wanting dessert too. My friend recommended that we go to this old fashion Belgian restaurant that has some of the best waffles et grand dame around town. We went and it was delicious and we were giddy and happy. It was a lovely evening to wrap up a day of tiny miracles.The food in Belgium has been delicious whether it is waffle on the street, carbonade in a nice restaurant or African food at port de namur. I am excited for what tomorrow will bring!


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