What happens in Brussels

What happens in Brussels

1. I barely slept

2. I went to get my travel companion from the airport

3. I might have left my credit card in the machine

4. I am panicking then I am not

5. Come back on Monday for the currency exchange

6. It’s cheaper during the week because of the fluctuation

7. We took the wrong bus and again

8. I left my bag with all my money and passport on the tram

9. I am having a meltdown

10. My friend has everything under control

11. They found my bag

12. The homeless man wanted a coca-cola or so I think

13. The Pakistani man gave me a rose and a kiss

14. Happiness begets happiness

15. The wait(for the bag) is finally over

16. My hero, Ahmed!

17. He saved my whole trip to Europe

18. Gratitude is such a deep emotion

19. Dieu est grand!

20. I need to sleep before I leave myself in a machine or on a train.










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