I am eating a croissant in Sospel.

I’m writing a short story.

I just finished my first gelato in Rome.

I am writing the third chapter of my novel.

I’m sitting by a fountain in Brussels.

I just finished a beautiful poem.

I am singing in the streets of London.

I’m taking pictures at Acropolis.

I am dipping my toes in the blue sea.

I wrote all day today.

I’m dancing by the Eiffel tower.

I wrote a haiku in the train.

I love Amsterdam.

I am in the tenth chapter of my novel.

I took my niece to a park outside of Paris.

I’m writing a haiku about a fresh baguette.

I spent hours at St. Peter’s basilica.

I wrote a poem for my sisters and my mother.

I had a lovely picnic in Vondelpark.

I am on the fifteenth chapter of my novel.

The museum of London is so fascinating.

I’m writing a small poem for myself.

I am laying on the grass at Bois de la Cambre.

I just submitted my novel to my publisher.