How to love your life: Another note to myself

How to love your life: Another note to myself

You start with your words,

then move to your actions and attitude.

Never try to please others in spite of yourself,

it will never be enough for them or you.

You will never satisfy your desires if you limit yourself.

Be open to all the possibilities and create opportunities for yourself.

A dream is a beginning.

It need not be grandiose, but must be

what you truly desire in order for you to fulfill it.

You must work with it and for it.

No matter, it’s important to be committed.

You must have faith and stay consistent.

You must have genuine friends and treat them with value,

and always share your appreciation of them.

Prepare yourself though to only give what you have;

there is only a certain level of care you can give without draining yourself.

Beyond this, it’s advisable to explore your world,

and do the things that make you happy;

Take a cooking class, discover a new country, hike a mountain.

Remember, finally, the simple pleasures mount to the best moments,

the best days and a wonderful life.

Never go looking for contentment,

It is right at your fingertips.

In moments of distress, make a cup of tea,

breathe and remember that you are destined for happiness.


This poem was inspired by Stephen Dunn’s How to be Happy: Another Memo to Myself.


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