My stance

My stance

I stood at the doorway of my life,

unafraid, willing to risk comfort for adventures.

The sunrise warmed up my face as I lay out maps,

and compass and pencils to draw my road.

There are mountains to be climbed with these legs of mine,

rivers to swim across and oceans to sail through.

This confidence has sparkled from deep within,

awaken by the culmination of all that has happened.

A sudden death, a wake up call.

I could disappear and people will forget.

I don’t want meaningless facts to be spoken,

when my life ends for I will love to mean more.

The legacy of the girl who survived the death of a parent,

who learned a new language from one day to the next,

who fell in love, then out and into her own love.

I want people to say she had the spark, she was golden,

She thrived, she soared, she was mighty.

She carried herself with grace, ate with a ravenous appetite,

and created great recipes out of thin air with style.

Her books have inspired millions of people around the world,

and her hands have healed as many as they could touch.

She was a delight to be around and she lived,

she stood in her light and owned her glory.

She was as fearless as she was kind.

Her family adored her and love always seemed to pour out of her.

She was a legend, a woman who owned her power,

a glorious woman.


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