Becoming a city girl

Becoming a city girl

The Art of taking the train daily

1. Walk fast in the station.
2. Always have your card ready.
3. Hear the train coming from afar and position yourself.
4. Walk and quickly sit or quickly spot the best standing area.
5. Don’t put your hands too high it will hurt if you are not due until several stops.
6. Look ahead of you over the head of people sitting or by the side of the head of people standing.
7. Listen to music if you can or read on your phone (Kindle app for iPhones).
8. Don’t offer your seat to a kid that clearly has the energy and strength to stand.
9. Offer your seat to obviously older folks who can appreciate sitting while riding the train.
10. If a man gets up to offer you his seat take it but know that he deserves that seat as much as you do no matter the gender difference.
11. Always hold your purse on your lap even if there is an empty seat next to you.
12. When you notice a cute/adorable/sexy/handsome person looking at you smile just a tad and hope it is not because you have something on your face.
13. When you get in overcrowded trains try not to think too much about the scent of everyone and how uncomfortable it is to be squeezed together with strangers.
14. Enjoy the ride.

Ps: I wrote this while I was living in Jersey and taking the World Trade Center Train to work in Hoboken.


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